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Writing Heartfelt Romance
Sheylynn Jones'Gable Cove
ā€‹3 book series, Haunted.

Book One of both Haunted and Gladiolus Garden House series available June, 2014.
Laura Hamby's Gable Cove 3 book series, Gladiolus Garden House.ā€‹
We're just getting started with the first of our new collaborative efforts. We are in the planning stages of creating and writing our stand alone series, but with the fun twist that they exist in the same setting - a bucolic bayside village called Gable Cove.
Visit our blogs - we'll be blogging about our progress on our Gable Cove series as we write and ready each of our 3 novels for publication over the course of 2014. Bound to be some wild blogging going on!

Laura's BlogSheylynn'sā€‹ā€‹ Blog
Sheylynn Jones and Laura Hamby are best friends who share a love of creativity. It doesn't matter if it's writing or crafting - our joy for both keep us looking for projects on a constant basis. We've collaborated before with the Pops' Girls series in the earlier 2000s, and now, in addition to our individual careers, are embarking on creating connected, yet stand alone series. We're havin' fun creating and writing. We hope you'll have fun reading!